Energy Programs

Solar Advisory and Installation Program

Let your cooperative help you with your decision to go solar. As your trusted energy advisor, our only interest is helping you make an informed decision about solar energy. We will walk you through the process and help you understand the economics. If you decide solar is right for you, you can choose to use Laurens Electric to install the solar panels at your home. There is no better assurance or peace of mind than allowing your cooperative to help you make the transition to solar.


For more information, contact solar advisor Kacie Owings (864.683.1690), or email

Solar ToolKit

Interconnection & Net Billing

If a member decides to purchase a renewable power system for their home, the process to interconnect that system with Laurens Electric is as follows: The member must agree to meet Laurens Electric’s standards for interconnection.

Once the member agrees to meet those standards the next step is for the member to submit an interconnection application with $200 application fee, a line diagram, plot design, proof of insurance, completed standard disclosure agreement, and pictures of the member’s existing meter base and main breaker panel.

Once Laurens Electric approves the interconnection application, next the member will sign an interconnection agreement with Laurens Electric and then be able to move forward with the installation of the renewable power system. After installation, once the system is certified, Laurens Electric will complete the interconnection.

Finally, the member will then be set up with net billing.

For more information, contact solar advisor Kacie Owings (864.683.1690), or email

Community Solar gives members the opportunity to share in the benefits of solar power, even if they can’t, or prefer not to install solar panels on their property.

More Reasons To Go Solar

You are being environmentally friendly by using power from a renewable resource

It’s easier, hassle-free; no installers at your home or drilled holes in your roof

No Homeowners Association (HOA) restrictions to overcome

No liability

Subscriptions are transferable

To learn more about Community Solar, visit the site at