Critical Needs

Life Support

If you or a family member requires life support equipment such as a respirator, make sure LEC knows about these needs and have a backup source of power ready if the primary source of power does go out. Keep your backup generator in good condition and test it periodically. If your power goes out, disconnect appliances and turn off lights. When power is restored, this many appliances coming on at once could cause a power surge that could damage your equipment.

Stay informed about the weather in your area. If you’re warned about approaching violent storms that could cause power outages, turn the temperature in your refrigerator and freezer to the lowest setting, to provide maximum chilling before hand, should the power go off. Make sure you have flashlights, fresh batteries, and a battery operated radio in working condition, and fill containers and your bathtub with water.

Report your outage right away to LEC. Look in the section for reporting power outages for more information.

Special Needs

Laurens Electric Cooperative wants to ensure that members with special needs are adequately served and get the priority service they require. Members with medical conditions that depend on uninterrupted electric service may submit a request to the co-op, along with medical documentation. The certification form PDF can be downloaded here, or you can call 1-800-942-3141 to request a form through the mail.