Pay As You Go

The EasyPay program is a pay-as-you-go plan that allows you to pay when you want (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) in the amount you want with no late charges, disconnect fees or reconnect fees.


EasyPay can help members who want to set their own payment schedule/eliminate due dates, budget, or monitor and manage their electricity consumption.


Set up your account with the balance you choose. Any existing security deposit may be credited to your current account balance. You will receive a low balance notice via e-mail, automated calling service, or text message. This will give you time to purchase more power before the meter stops.


With EasyPay, you can:

If you have any questions about this special service, call us at 1-800-942-3141.

EasyPay Application

Or complete the form below:

  • YOU are solely in control of managing and updating your contact information. Make sure your contact information stays current in order to receive notifications.
  • I, the undersigned member of Laurens Electric Cooperative, Inc. hereby request and make application to pay for my services by the EasyPay Payment Plan.

    Conditions of This Agreement:

    New Members: New members are required to complete a membership application. A membership fee of $5.00, a connect fee of $25.00 as well as a minimum payment of $50.00 for electric use is required to begin service. EasyPay accounts will be charged current residential rates, fuel cost adjustments and monthly service charges. NO DEPOSIT is required but in the event the member wishes to convert from EasyPay to a traditional billing account, all applicable credit checks and deposits will apply.

    Existing Members: Existing members opting to convert their account to EasyPay must pay in full all pre-existing fees and current account balances Unbilled usage may also be paid in full or converted to debt management, with the understanding that 25% of all future payments to EasyPay will go towards the retirement of that amount until paid in full. Members may choose to have existing deposits applied (when applicable) to account balances and/or their EasyPay account credit, with the understanding that if the member wishes to convert back to a traditional billing method, all applicable credit checks and deposits will apply and any outstanding debt must be paid in full. An account must have at least a $50 credit to begin EasyPay billing.

    Billing: EasyPay account charges will be calculated and debited daily. EasyPay accounts will never be charged a late fee or delinquent fee. EasyPay accounts do not receive paper statements or e bills. Daily account information including usage, charges and payments will be available via phone, online or smart phone at www.laurenselectric.com. Customer service will also be able to provide this information during regular business hours. Due to the flexible nature of EasyPay, payment arrangements or extensions are not allowed under any circumstance.

    Payments: Payments can be made at any LEC office during normal business hours. Payments can be made 24 hours a day via credit or debit card through the automated phone system at 1.866.9ACCOUNT or online at www.laurenselectric.com.

    Disconnection: EasyPay accounts will be subject to automatic disconnection when the credit balance falls below $0.00. Accounts will not be reconnected until a balance is brought up to a credit of $50.00 (including payment of any unpaid usage and/or debt management percentage). Any returned checks or other fees will be charged to the member's account immediately. If this causes the credit balance to be exhausted, service will be subject to disconnection.

    Reconnect: The member acknowledges that electric service can be restored automatically upon a payment being made. The member must ensure that all electric appliances are turned off, and the electric system is safe to be re-energized, prior to the member making a payment. By signing below, the member accepts full responsibility for, and agrees to hold LEC harmless for, any and all damages arising from the re-energizing of the member's electric service upon the deposit of a payment.