Average Pay (Levelized Billing)

Levelized Billing

We can help you guard against large fluctuations in your monthly electric bill without ever having to catch up at the end of the year.


The plan is called AveragePay and it is designed to keep your electric bill affordable every month of the year.


AveragePay makes your electric bill predictable by using a rolling average of your present month’s bill and eleven previous months’ usage plus your current balance. Because of the rolling average, your monthly bill will change slightly every month but you will never have the large ups and downs that could cause you to get down and out.


With AveragePay , there’s never any sign-up fee, nor is there a monthly service charge. Your bill will show you the number of Kilowatt hours you use each month, but you will pay for the average usage for the most recent 12 months.


You must have been a Laurens Electric member at least a year to apply for AveragePay. If you have any questions about this special service, call us at 1-800-942-3141.

AveragePay Application

  • Conditions of This Agreement

    1. Application can only be made for residential accounts.
    2. Applicant must have twelve months billing history at the above location.
    3. Account must have good credit record with no actual cutoffs or returned checks.
    4. Applicant must agree to receive usage information regarding their account.

    *Once you receive your first bill please call into Laurens Electric to familiarize yourself with the format of your statement. If you make any changes, additions, or experience any problems with appliances in your home after your account is on the program please contact LEC.

    This Agreement Is Subject To Cancellation At Anytime Due To Any Of The Following:

    1. Termination of electric service by the undersigned at the location listed above.
    2. Failure to pay full amount of Average Payment before the next bill is produced.
    3. Thirty days written notice by either party.
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