Report Electrical Theft

Did you know that according to industry standards, an estimated $248,220 is lost each year to energy theft?

Since Laurens Electric Cooperative is member-owned, that means that energy theft is costing you money as well. Covering energy theft drives up prices for everyone involved, except, of course, the thief.

Energy theft is illegal under South Carolina Code 16-13-385. Those who tamper with electric meters are not only exposing themselves to criminal charges but to life threatening electrical shock.

Do not cut the seal on your meter base for any reason. If you need the seal cut for access to the meter base, call us ahead of time to schedule someone to come out and help you. Even a licensed electrician must have a Lauren Electric Co-op Technician cut the seal on the electrical meter. The charge for unauthorized seal cutting is $50.00.

We have trained our Field Service Technicians to recognize the signs of meter tampering. Laurens Electric Cooperative has and will continue to prosecute anyone who has tampered with their electric meter or tries to illegally reconnect their electric service. The charge for meter tampering is $150.00.

If you know or think you know of anyone stealing electricity, let us know by submitting your report to Laurens Electric Cooperative online, or by calling us at 1-800-942-3141.

Report Electrical Theft

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