Energy Star Rate Schedule

The Residential Service Energy Star Schedule “RES” became available to Laurens Electric Cooperative members December 1, 2010.

There are two different charges within the rate; one for a standard residential service, and the other for all-electric residential service.

The new Energy Star rate (RES) provides a separate energy efficiency rate for members with standard residential service (members with gas service). The requirements to qualify for the energy efficiency rate are set by Energy Star at, and will not require Laurens Electric to do an on-site visit to certify. Members must get a HERS (Home Energy Efficiency Rating System) certified contractor to certify that the home meets Energy Star requirements (a HERS rating of 85 or less).

LEC’s rate is attainable for customers with existing homes. All co-op members who have a HERS rating of 85 or less qualify regardless of an Energy Star label.

The average cost for a member to get a HERS certified rater to rate their home is the following:

New Home: $400 to $500

Existing Home: $600 to $800

If the home does not meet the HERS rating of 85 or less, the HERS rater will provide a list of things homeowners can do to reach a rating of 85.

Everything members need to know about qualifying for the Energy Star rate, including a list of HERS certified contractors is located at