Energy Efficiency

Helping members use energy efficiently not only helps our members save on electric bills, but also aids in delaying the need for additional power plants. That helps keep the cost of electricity stable, as well as benefiting the environment.

Energy Star Rate Schedule

Our Energy Star rate (RES) provides a separate energy efficiency rate for members with standard residential service. The requirements to qualify for the energy efficiency rate are set by Energy Star at Members must get a HERS (Home Energy Efficiency Rating System) certified contractor to certify that the home meets Energy Star requirements (a HERS rating of 85 or less).

Home Rewards Program

Through our Home Rewards program, residential members receive cash back for making energy-efficiency improvements to their homes, such as upgrading their HVAC system, improving the energy efficiency of ductwork or an attic, and installing a dual-fuel heat pump.

Commercial and Industrial Lighting Upgrade Incentives

Laurens Electric Cooperative provides incentives to reduce the purchase price of premium, reliable, energy efficient lighting products in existing non-residential business, commercial, or industrial buildings.