Electric Vehicles

Electricity is getting cleaner, and innovations in energy technologies are creating new ways to use electricity instead of on-site fossil fuels, such as propane, natural gas and fuel oil, in a way that reduces overall emissions and energy costs. By virtue of being plugged into the grid, the environmental performance of electric devices improves over time. The most predominant example of beneficial electrification is the electric car industry.

Electric Vehicle Resources for Members

A resource designed to provide you with information about electric vehicles and to help shape a healthy electric vehicle marketplace. Get information such as vehicle range-per-charge, how tax credits work, incentives and promotions, home and public charging, and use the savings calculator.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Laurens Electric offers Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Commercial & Industrial Members. The cooperative will install and own the Electric Charging Station with the member paying a monthly fee along with the charge for energy used. Single Level Wall Mount, Single Level Pole Mount and Dual Level Station options are available.