Demand Management

Demand-side management (DSM) programs encourage member-owners to modify consumption of electricity, especially during peak energy demand timeframes and seasons. Peak demand is when the need for electricity is at its highest. Electricity at peak demand is the costliest. By helping LEC reduce peak demand, you help keep electricity costs stable. You also help the environment by delaying the need to build additional power plants.

PowerSaver Rewards

Power Saver Rewards is a cash back program that gives you an opportunity to make a difference in keeping power costs stable. Smart Switch technology allows LEC to manage the energy use of your central air conditioner through the thermostat – and/or cycle off the electricity to your swimming pool pump – during periods of peak electric demand in the summer months. 

Smart Thermostat

Get a smart thermostat for as low as $50 (installation available) or bring your own thermostat if you already own an ecobee or Emerson wi-fi Smart Thermostat. Laurens Electric will sync with your thermostat to make small automatic adjustments based on peak times. Get an annual $50 incentive for your participation.