Jamesia Downs Pays It Forward

Jamesia Downs, top right, paid forward $500 to single mother Loukevia Rowland whose positive attitude in the face of her and her sons’ multiple medical problems inspire and motivate.

Laurens Electric Cooperative’s July recipient of the employee Pay it Forward funds is Customer Service Representative Jamesia Downs.

Jamesia paid forward $500 to single mother Loukevia Rowland. In addition to undergoing two brain surgeries this year for Pseudotumor Cerebri – also known as Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension – Ms. Rowland’s two sons both suffer from numerous medical problems of their own.

Trenton, age 9, has Amniotic Band Syndrome, ADD and Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.

Tryon, age 7, was born with a rare immune deficiency for which he receives an infusion for every 28 days to help him fight off germs and colds. He also has (CAPS) Cryopyrin-Associated Fever Syndrome, which is similar to arthritis but also causes sores, unexplained high fevers, fatigue and extreme swelling.

“I chose this family because she is a single mother who keeps pushing in spite of what she and her children are going through,” said Jamesia. “When I’m feeling down or having a bad day, her updates motivate me and make me realize that no matter what is going on I must keep on fighting – not only for me but for my son.”

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