Laurens Electric Cooperative offers its members E-Bill notification via the Internet.

In addition to saving on postage and other related billing costs, Laurens Electric Cooperative’s E-Bill allows you to be proactive and help the environment by opting to receive the Email notification only and do away with the paper bill. However, you can receive both email notification and a paper bill if you desire.

You will receive the email notification the instant your account bills.  There is no waiting for the mail to pay your bill.  The notification email will have the account number, the amount of the bill and the due date.  It will also provide a link for you to pay and view your bill on our website if your account is registered.

Please complete the E-Bill Notification form – we need a valid email address.  It’s that simple.

E-Bill notification is just another way Laurens Electric Cooperative strives to make service more convenient for you.