Watch the Laurens Electric Annual Meeting that was held this past Saturday, September 26.


Making History: First Drive-through Annual Meeting a Success

On Sept. 24, 25 and 26, 5373 members took part in Laurens Electric Cooperative’s first-ever drive-thru registration and voting for their board of directors.

Members elected Charles Adair to represent District 4; Willie Belle Blakely to represent District 5; Marcus E. Cook to represent District 7; and Mitchell Powers to represent District 9.

The membership also voted to pass the proposed Bylaws amendments, as well as voting “yes” to keep voting for every seat up for election on the Board each year.

Board Secretary/ Treasurer Mitchell Powers reported that the co-op’s finances remain strong, which allowed the board last year to approve the return of more than $1 million to members in the form of capital credits.

The co-op continues to experience solid growth in our service area as one of the fastest growing electric co-ops in the state. This leads to stability for the future for the co-op, and the community.

The business meeting was broadcast at, and prize winners can be found on the web site and on social media.

Thanks to the members of Laurens Electric who helped us adapt to these unique times and allowed us to turn a challenge into a success.


2010 Ford F-150 Truck Powell, Jerry E
Yeti Cooler Miller, Raymond
Samsung 65 inch HD TV Green, Lenny
Outdoor Propane Grill Bakley, Alfred
$500 Bill Credit Blasi, Earl N
$500 Bill Credit Lynch, Cletus E
$500 Bill Credit Lanford, Patrick F
$500 Bill Credit Williams, Charles A
$500 Bill Credit Bagwell, Faye
$100 Bill Credit Nieders, Thomas H
$100 Bill Credit Hawkins Sr, Stephen R
$100 Bill Credit Copeland, George T
$100 Bill Credit Steadman, Martha
$100 Bill Credit Smith, Rosella E
$100 Bill Credit Taylor, Ann W
$100 Bill Credit Tumblin Jr, Grover H
$100 Bill Credit Hewett, Alan
$100 Bill Credit Lindsay, Dennis
$100 Bill Credit Holsonback, Tommy
$50 Bill Credit Oshields, June R
$50 Bill Credit Jones, Raymon E
$50 Bill Credit Fuller, Anthony
$50 Bill Credit Herndon, Amanda
$50 Bill Credit Eby, Glenn D
$50 Bill Credit Mundy, Maurice A
$50 Bill Credit Davenport, Tabitha
$50 Bill Credit Cieluch, Mollie
$50 Bill Credit Greene, Patricia V
$50 Bill Credit Arnold, Phyllis W
$50 Bill Credit Hall, Debra J
$50 Bill Credit Sweeney, Pauline F
$50 Bill Credit Bernard, Florence M
$50 Bill Credit Levesque, Philip O
$50 Bill Credit Lang, Oliver Jr
$20 Bill Credit Martin, Jan
$20 Bill Credit Chandler, Terry Lee
$20 Bill Credit Daniel, Julia
$20 Bill Credit Cunningham, Johnny
$20 Bill Credit Garrett, Wade C
$20 Bill Credit Meadows, Angela Stueb
$20 Bill Credit Turner, Kathy
$20 Bill Credit Harris, Michael
$20 Bill Credit Rodgers, Betty
$20 Bill Credit Durham, Darrell L
$20 Bill Credit Burns, Katrina
$20 Bill Credit Hawthorne, Robert
$20 Bill Credit Thompson, George
$20 Bill Credit Littleton, Sylvia
$20 Bill Credit Powell, Mary Lee
$20 Bill Credit Ferguson, Ron
$20 Bill Credit Ligon, Sam
$20 Bill Credit Thompson, Melvin
$20 Bill Credit Miller, Shealia
$20 Bill Credit Marano III, John F
$1000 Scholarship Amy & Gary Gaffney for student Ansley Gaffney
$1000 Scholarship Roscoe Ziemer for student Carson ziemer
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